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Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing
May 6, 2014
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I have a call to action for you: Make sure your window and door website has a clear call to action! This is one of the most important aspects of any business website, and yet it's one of the most often ignored.

Your website isn't just there to "be there." It's not there to simply provide contact information and link to your manufacturers. It's there to convert visitors into qualified leads. That is your website's primary goal. And the main way to do that is to have a clear call to action.
It's true that window and door businesses are different than ecommerce businesses; for the latter, without some sort of direct CTA, there is no business! Those sites rely on a CTA to direct a visitor from a landing page to a place to directly purchase a product.
A local business such as yours has a different purpose, but that doesn't make the CTA any less important. You're not trying to get a visitor to purchase something from the site. You're trying to get the visitor to provide information, join an email list, or even call or email you.
For the window and door industry, a couple of CTA types work better than others. One of the best is fairly obvious: A "Call For a Free In-Home Consultation" link. This should be an eye-catching image that makes it easy for visitors to directly call you. 
Another great CTA for W&D businesses is a contact form on the website for a free estimate. This allows you to capture the visitor's key details and gives you a prequalified lead to contact for an estimate. Finally, a "Visit Our Showroom" link is a great CTA to show off your products.

Survey Results for 05/07/2014 :

What type of call to action does your business website use?

None of the above





All of the above





Contact form for a free estimate





Call for a free in-home consultation





Link to visit your showroom





Offering a product or service for free or at a discount





Welton Hong is the founder and Internet marketing director of Ring Ring Marketing, an Internet marketing firm that specializes in window and door businesses. Contact him at welton@ringringmarketing.com or 888/383-2848.


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