So, when do you think we'll see growth in the window and door market now?

John G. Swanson
October 9, 2008
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The economic outlook, along with the outlook for window and door sales, isn't too bright. We've all seen the news. While I'm not kidding myself, I found some hope and encouragement, however, in the number of window and door manufacturers I saw walking the floor of GlassBuild America this week.

So, when do you think we'll see growth in the window and door market?
First half of 2009
Second half of 2009
2010 at best
2011 or later

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Turn-out was pretty strong considering the current environment.  The Dow was falling precipitously as the show opened its doors.  That says a lot to me about the resiliency of our industry.  Companies are struggling, yes. Many are in "survival" mode, and that's probably smart. But the traffic I saw in the aisles said to me many companies are still looking to a better future.

So when do you think that time will come? I had numerous discussions this week with people, talking about how we are readjusting our timeframes for when we'll hit bottom and when we might see growth again. Where are you now? That's our question of the week. And, as usual, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the future. Email me and let me know what you're doing now to make sure you make it through the tough times and what you're doing to get ready for the better times.