So, when do you think we'll see growth in the window and door market now?

John G. Swanson
October 9, 2008
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Survey Results for 10/08/2008:

So, when do you think we'll see growth in window and door market?

2010 at best





Second half of 2009





2011 or later





First half of 2009





The results of this week's survey jibe very closely with what I was hearing from window and door industry folks at GlassBuild America. People have pushed back their "recovery" dates. Those once expecting a turnaround to begin in 2009 are saying 2010, while those who were already predicting 2010 are now saying 2011.

Sixty percent of you don't see a turnaround until 2010 or 2011. Personally, I'm a bit more optimistic.  While I don't expect any surge in sales, I'm hoping those in the remodeling and replacement market at least will see signs of new life by the fall of next year. 

"The crises we are in is going to last for a number of years," suggested one reader, even while adding a note of defiant optimism. "The strongest companies will survive and we are one of them."

How?  Top quality products, innovation, expanding into new product areas and expansion into new markets is what he sees as key. 

Those themes have been echoed by numerous manufacturers and suppliers looking forward. This year's GlassBuild saw heightened interest in new composite products. Manufacturers are looking to differentiate. Companies that focused on residential are examining commercial applications.  Others are looking to widen their nets regionally. 

As I noted previously, many companies are in "survival" mode. That's not a bad thing. The somewhat surprisingly strong turn-out of window and door manufacturers at GlassBuild, however, tells me that a lot of companies are also in "positioning" mode. No matter when you expect the market to recover, that's a smart place to be too.



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