What segment are you targeting?

Christina Lewellen
October 22, 2008
THE TALK... | Segments

It’s pretty apparent at this point that our economy is not going to bounce back quickly. It’ll take time to get everything straightened out to reasonable levels and, in the meantime, companies in our industry (and many others) are pedaling fast to get lean and stay nimble in this tricky environment.

In a general sense, I would classify my products as appropriate for customers:
In the high-end segment
In the value segment
Somewhere in the middle
In multiple segments

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My dad taught me to operate at times with the “ya’ can’t please everyone” mentality and I’m starting to wonder if the “ya’ can’t serve everyone” approach is where more and more window and door manufacturers, suppliers and dealers will retreat in order to survive the next year. On the dealer front, for example, the least depressing conversations—and dare I say somewhat upbeat—are coming from representatives of companies focused on serving one particular segment of the market, and doing it well, rather than trying to get a bite of multiple pies.

Please take a moment to weigh in and let me know how many masters your company is serving. Do you stick to end of the spectrum or the other, or fall somewhere in the middle? Will your strategy change next year thanks to the economy? Send me an email and we’ll chat.






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