Best Industry Website, Supplier*, Innovative Glass Corp.
September 16, 2014

*There is a tie in this category

The Challenge: Helping site visitors—especially those unfamiliar with the products—comprehend Innovative Glass Corp.’s three dynamic technologies: switchable glass products such as LC Privacy Glass, SPD SmartGlass and sunlight responsive SolarSmart Glass. “Our website is meant to change people’s reactions to our products from ‘What?’ to ‘Wow!’,” says Robin Abadi, director of PR and marketing for Innovative Glass Corp.

The Winning Solution: The new user-friendly website features hundreds of actual installation photos to help potential customers visualize and choose the ideal eGlass product for their application. All installations, divided by industries, have morphing images and case studies to show how the glass looks in different states and to highlight the benefits of eGlass.  “Using morphing images throughout our interactive website removed the need for people to use their imagination to visualize the transition of the glass, and it became self-explanatory,” Abadi says.

An interactive section under “products” gives site visitors a chance to control eGlass products via a simple on/off wall switch, a dimmer switch or by viewing the self-cycling SolarSmart, which illustrates how the glass reacts to the sun throughout the day. The site offers wiring schematics, specifications and cut-sheets and a technical database of all supporting  hardware. The product selector guide allows users to compare and contrast the three technologies to find the best glazing solution for their needs.