Most Innovative Door Component

Magnaline Hardware, Panoramic Doors
September 16, 2014

The Challenge: Panoramic Doors wanted to make it easier for users to operate folding doors while at the same time reducing the manufacturing costs for those doors. “The greatest obstacle to producing an affordable wide-span door system was the high cost associated with the excessive hardware,” says Alan Rees, designer and CEO of Magnaline.

The Winning Solution: The supplier developed Magnaline, multi-panel door hardware that uses magnetic technology to guide, control and lock into place each panel as it slides and swings open. “By using magnetic technology, I was able to control and simplify functionality,” Rees explains.

The door system works this way: The first panel is fixed on either side (or both sides) of the opening. Second and subsequent panels slide up to the first panel, and then click into place. Each panel then swings open and stacks parallel to the previous panel. Magnaline hardware allows panels to travel and operate on the bottom track, minimizing stress on the header.

All operational hardware is concealed and works from within the frame to give the system a clean look and protect the hardware from the weather. Concealment also helps protect users from possible injury.

Using Magnaline, Rees says, considerably reduces the amount of hardware which lowers manufacturing cost and lead times.

“The result is a system with unique features and clean lines that is functional, easy to operate and affordable. It has completely exceeded my expectations,” Rees says.