Crystal Achievement Awards 2015: The Crystal Standard

Emily Kay Thompson
September 19, 2015
FEATURE ARTICLE | Design & Performance

Best Supplier Website

Phantom Screens

The Phantom Screens new website, launched in June 2015, acts as an open invitation to homeowners, builders and specifiers to learn about the benefits and the number of options the company’s products provide depending on location and screening needs, the company’s nomination states.

The Power of Video

90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. Nearly all of our judges noted Phantom Screens’ use of video as one of the aspects that caught their eye.

*Source: Internet technology company comScore, which measures how people navigate the digital world.

The new site utilizes responsive design and displays fresh and new content specifically created for web use. “We recognized that our product pages are an opportunity to not only show the details of the screens but also to help people understand how retractable screens can enhance the design and functionality of the room,” the company states in its nomination.

According to the judges, the site’s use of video, large photography and clever and simplistic navigation make it easy to find the right content. “Phantom Screens’ website is clean, and makes good use of attractive visuals, animation, and videos,” notes one judge. “It educates and guides the homeowner for decision making.”

Innovative Elements

“One of the biggest revelations, which we took into account when designing the site, was to move from home as a whole focus to room focus,” Phantom explains. The theory is that homeowners focus their budget and time on specific areas of the home instead of an entire renovation, so the company used the website to demonstrate how its products fit and work in specific spaces.

The site is built in WordPress that renders effectively across all platforms and is simple for Phantom's internal marketing team to use and frequently update content. And, as one judge noted, it incorporates responsive design, “which is extremely important when designing a website now.” Phantom tells us that the home page layout is sensitive to the download speed on mobile devices.

Also, the company conducted external research to understand its different website user groups—i.e. builders, contractors, architects and designers versus consumers, authorized distributors and dealers, media and so on. Phantom speaks to different audiences and delivers content in a variety of voices. For example, case studies for end consumers were retitled “stories” and written in conversational tone, while case studies for the specifier community, located on a different page, had more technical and structured content.

“Our goal was also to create a modular approach to content,” the company explains, “chunking out the content into a path from initial brand recognition and lead the audience to deeper familiarity with the products, vision and values of Phantom Screens.”

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