2017 Crystal Achievement Awards: In Honor of Innovation

Window & Door Presents 2017 Crystal Achievement Awards winners

Most Innovative Entry Door



The Buffalo Forge ThermaPlus steel entry door is offered in six pre-finish options. (Image courtesy of GlassCraft Door Company.)

The Buffalo Forge ThermaPlus Steel Composite line is GlassCraft’s answer to two specific product problems: creating a steel door with a high-end look that could be trimmed in the field during installation, and adding a thermal break— not available in other high-end steel and wrought iron product lines—to prevent hot/cold exposure issues. These doors have an all-composite edge which incorporates an extremely dense 100 percent recycled composite material, according to the company, and the door may be trimmed on all four door edges.

“GlassCraft has developed a very nice-looking energy efficient door that can be used in a wide range of applications,” notes one of our judges of this year’s Most Innovative Entry Door, the Buffalo Forge ThermaPlus Steel Composite door. He says that the company has taken installation concepts into the design of the door and not just as an afterthought.

For example, the door is field-trimmable for an exact fit. The company reports that, with the use of common power tools, edges may be trimmed up to 1/4 inch on both sides and the top edge, and by 1 1/2 inches on the bottom edge. The doors are available in “full-book” sizing of 36 inches by 80 inches, 36 inches by 96 inches, and 42 inches by 96 inches. They are offered prefinished only and may also be painted.

Available as a pre-hung unit or as a door-slab-only, the Buffalo Forge can also fit into existing frames. The pre-hung unit includes a vinyl weather-strip system and a 100 percent composite threshold that will not rot or warp, according to the company. This feature is said to allow the doors to be retrofitted on the jobsite into existing door frames.

Add to this functionality the design of the door. GlassCraft’s patented design provides a thermal break around all four door edges and the core, which is said to ensure efficient thermal performance, where some steel doors can actually freeze or frost over on the inside during the winter or sweat with condensation during the summer months.

Depending upon the door profile, these ThermaPlus doors may also be filled with GlassCraft’s BioFoam, a water-blown, rigid closed-cell foam formulated specifically for GlassCraft’s ThermaPlus and FiberCraft door series. The process uses carbon dioxide to expand the foam and create the rigid and insulating door core.

Buffalo Forge is built strong and secure with 18-gauge dentresistant and kick-proof steel, according to the company, which says the door is up to 320 percent thicker than common steel doors. It is compatible with multipoint locks, plus all standard locksets for 1 ¾-inch thick doors.

“This door series combines the strength of steel, the benefits of composite and the craftsmanship of hand wrought-iron into one truly innovative door,” John Plummer, president of Glass- Craft, states.