Predictions for an annual average 2.8% growth rate through 2012…

John G. Swanson
December 2, 2008
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It’s nice to see positive numbers for a change. That was my reaction when I saw the Freedonia Group predicting an average annual growth rate of 2.8% for window and door demand in its latest market study.

Predictions for an annual average 2.8% growth rate through 2012...
Sound reasonable
Sound too optimistic
Sound too pessimistic

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That average growth rate figure covers the period from 2007 through 2012. And given the negative numbers we’ve seen lately—and expectations for a less than stellar 2009—Freedonia’s projections suggest 2010 through 2012 will be pretty good for window and door sales.

What do you think? That’s our poll question for the week. And, I’d love to hear more specifics. Those of you brave enough to offer your predictions—tell me when you think window and door sales may start growing again. And what do you think our market recovery will look like when it does eventually come?





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