Are Trade Shows in Your Budget?

Jenni Chase
February 5, 2014
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I'm in Las Vegas this week at the International Builders' Show, where I'm always struck by the sheer size of the event. Last year, IBS attracted upwards of 50,000 attendees, and judging by the activity on the trade show floor today, I'd say that number will be higher this year. One builder went so far as to tell me the show "looked like the good 'ole days."

And while that's wishful thinking--in its peak years, IBS brought in 100,000 people--he was right in saying that things are picking up. "During the Recession, it was hard to justify the expense of traveling to a trade show. But now, [attendees can afford the trip]," he said.

What about your company? Now that the market is heading in the right direction, are you considering attending more trade shows? Or is it still just not in the budget? Please take a few moments to share your thoughts and take this week's poll.

Survey Results for 02/05/2014 :

This year, my company plans to:

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Attend more trade shows than in recent years




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