Good Gracious

By Ron Crowl, FeneTech
December 14, 2016
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It is commonly said that holidays can bring out the worst in people. However, I choose to focus on how the holidays bring out the very best in all of us. With the blessings we said at Thanksgiving behind us and with Hanukkah and Christmas right around the corner, we’re at that magical time of the year where we’re inundated with good cheer and warm, happy feelings.
But why does it take the advent of the holiday season to remember to be thankful? At FeneTech, we have much for which to be grateful, including an amazing, talented staff. For this, I am grateful. 
Like many of you, I assume, we would not be who we are without the customers we serve. To us, our customers are like family. This didn’t happen overnight. Our collective relationship with our customers is a result of that amazing and talented staff that has cultivated and nurtured a bond with our customers. For this, I am grateful.
Perhaps it’s the nature of the industry we serve. Or, maybe it’s just that fenestration folks are naturally salt-of-the-earth type people. I don’t know. What I do know is that not a day goes by that I don’t remember how connected we all are, how the association with each of our customers is what makes us who we are. And for that, I am grateful.
Editor’s note: Window & Door is likewise grateful to all of our loyal readers. In lieu of this week’s poll, we put together a quick list of the top five most viewed Talk posts from 2016 in case you missed them. We’re looking forward to bringing you more new voices and fresh perspectives on the industry in 2017.

Ron Crowl is president of FeneTech Inc. Contact him at

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