Tackling Full-Frame Replacements

Jim Snyder
March 25, 2014
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My wife grew up learning to cook under her mom’s mentorship. She followed recipes, starting with the basics, before tackling more challenging dishes. Today, she rarely uses a recipe, and believe me I am never disappointed. 
On occasion, if Jenn wants to take on an unfamiliar dish, she’ll reach for a favorite cookbook and follow a recipe. This prepares her for what to expect, walks her through the process and saves her much trial and error. 
In her cookbooks, there is a recipe for virtually any kind of dish. Combining her skill with instruction, she can prepare almost anything. 
Fenestration installation requires instruction as well, but at this time, the instruction book does not include all of the necessary “recipes” ―especially for full-frame replacement. An outsider to the industry might ask, “Why not? We replace full frames all the time.” But to those of us immersed in the industry, we understand the complexity of many full-frame replacements.
I address this in my latest column, “Fenestration Replacement Presents Its Own Set of Challenges,” and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please take a moment to take our survey, post a comment or contact me with your thoughts.

Survey Results for 03/26/2014 :

As a fenestration manufacturer, are you creating full-frame replacement instructional material?

No, they are not a high enough priority.





Yes, we already have some in place.





No, they are not necessary.




Jim Snyder is an AAMA-certified FenestrationMaster and InstallationMaster who shares his years of installation field experience as an industry writer, speaker, trainer and project/product consultant for dealers and manufacturers. A member of various industry organizations, Snyder also is involved in instructional document creation and revision. Contact him at jim@windowjim.com.


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