Another Crazy Black Friday?

Christina Lewellen
November 17, 2010

Those of you who have been around for a few years know I'm a vocal supporter of the Black Friday mania that comes in the wee small hours the day after Thanksgiving. My mom and I have been heading out in a sleep-deprived state for years. We're not the types to get aggressive and lose our minds if we don't get a TV or particular toy, but we do love watching the crowds and we generally have a pretty good time. We laugh, we shop—we're the NON-crazy Black Friday shoppers!

For a few years now, I've been conducting this Black Friday poll as a measure of our industry's confidence on an individual level. Please take a moment to weigh in on what you anticipate your holiday spending will be like this year...and please, please, please send me an email or post a comment to share your Black Friday story. What are you shopping for this year? A new TV? Purchases you've been putting off because of the economy?

I'd like to hear about the experience itself, too. The media is predicting a huge turnout for Black Friday this year. If you're a veteran (like me and my mom), does it seem crazier than previous years?

Survey Results as 11/29/2010:

Compared to last year, I expect my personal holiday-related spending to be:

Less this year





About the same





More this year





Yeah...It was crazy. But it was still FUN!

My mom and I headed out at around 2 a.m., and we dragged my sister along for good measure. We weren't pushing people around or standing in long lines for electronics. We did, however, get some great deals and have a few laughs in the process.

Of the funnier moments, a young woman had purchased a gigantic flat-screen television only to get to the parking lot and realize it was NOT going to fit in her compact car. So mom, sis and I wandered over to help her (at around 4 a.m., mind you) and the four of us managed to shove the thing (gently, of course) into the woman's trunk. She was very appreciative of the extra hands, and we were appreciative of the funny story to share later in the day when we returned home.

One reader touched base prior to Black Friday to share these thoughts:

"Personally, I avoid Black Friday like the proverbial plague.  What few times I have ventured out on that day, I have encountered people that are not having fun. Too many are stressed, trying to find joy in the accumulation of stuff, spending money they very often don't have by using credit, all for the sake of making others happy. It is a convoluted process symptomatic of many things wrong with our collective thinking, wrapped up in really good intentions."

She continues, "That's my opinion, and sounds like some Bah, Humbug!  But, if you are truly having a great time with your Mom, and [now be honest] none of what I said above rings true, then shop till you drop as they say, and give your Mom a big hug, and practice random acts of kindness while you are having fun.  There's a lot of stressed folks out there in a black mood on Black Friday, and they need a smile and a kind word."

As it turns out, my perceptive reader, that's EXACTLY how our Black Friday shopping experience turned out!

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I don't think it can get any crazier than some of the previous years.   I'm really hoping some of the pre-Black Friday sales will keep some people home.  But if its crazy again, it won't bother us too much.   For us, its a whole lot of fun.  And sometimes, we snag some pretty good buys!

By the way, I can't tell you what I'm shopping for...

Thanks mom! I'm hoping that means the present is for me :-)

My holiday spending will be the same or maybe even less than usual, but I have heard that retailers are hiring more temporary holiday workers than the last few years, which is a great sign that Black Friday spending (and the economy) is expected to improve.

Let's hope you're right on that front. Thanks for your comment.

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