Are You Adapting to Mobile?

John G. Swanson
May 29, 2012
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Since Facebook's IPO about 10 days ago, its share prices have fallen. I'm no expert, but one of the reasons cited is a concern it will not be able to effectively monetize its offerings–sell advertising–in a world that is quickly moving to mobile devices. The fear is most Facebook users won't be using the service on their PCs, maybe not even on their tablets. In the future, users may be happy to track friends and family on their phones.

Adapting to a world that is rapidly shifting to mobile devices is no doubt a challenge for many companies and our industry is no exception. Most window and door manufacturers and dealers, for example, have websites, but how many have created a mobile-friendly version of that site?  Is a dedicated mobile site necessary too?

Adapting to mobile is more than a marketing issue, of course. This week we report on BMC's efforts to get a variety of mobile apps into the hands of employees to boost productivity.  My bet is that many industry companies will turn to smartphones and tablets to provide quotes, take orders, schedule installation and service crews, track deliveries, and much more. 

Is your company adapting to mobile?  That's our poll question of the week.  And, of course, I'd like to hear more about what you're doing.  Do you have apps for your employees?  Are you looking at the options out there?  Where do you see the most potential?  And, what about your website?  Is that changing with the move to mobile?  Post a comment and let us know what's happening.  


Survey Results as of 6/5/2012:


My company:

Has not started looking at mobile strategies.




Has adapted its online presence to mobile devices.




Is beginning to explore mobile strategies.




Has implemented some internal apps for employees.




Has internal apps and has worked to adapt its online presence to mobile.




The window and door industry has a long way to go when it comes to mobile computing technologies, it appears.  More than half of our respondents say their companies haven't started developing a mobile strategy as of yet.

That's not too surprising and nothing to be ashamed of given the rapid emergence and evolution taking place. Abe Gaskins at MGM is dead on right in his comments noting how complicated it can be. Hitting a fast-moving target is a challenge.

Companies are moving, however.  Both Lowes and Home Depot, for example, have equipped their sales associates with smartphones to better serve their customers. Nearly one in five of our respondents report their companies have internal apps for their employees already.  We also know there's enthusiasm to do more.





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