Are You Cloud Based?

Christina Lewellen
May 8, 2013
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It seems as though cloud-based computing is picking up steam in the manufacturing sector. "The best manufacturers I’ve visited this year all share a common attribute," writes Louis Columbus, a Forbes contributor in a recent column. "They are obsessed with making themselves as easy as possible to work with from a supply chain, distribution and services standpoint.  Many are evaluating cloud-based manufacturing applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and several have adopted cloud-based applications across their companies."

That's a big step beyond the "wait and see" attitude of just a few years ago. Many companies were concerned about making changes from existing systems, as well as security.  Do those concerns still exist? Has your company moved toward cloud-based technology? We highlighted the fact that Pella was a Microsoft case study, and we're assuming many other window and door manufacturers are walking a similar path. We'd love to hear your story.

Please take a moment to let us know where your company falls on the cloud-based computing spectrum, and feel free to send an email or post a comment below to tell us what you think of this technological movement.


Survey Results as of 05/13/2013 :


My company is:

Not interested in cloud-based computing at this time.





Doing some research; but a change is a ways off yet.





Has looked at the options and is nearly ready to make the change.





Entirely cloud-based.





Getting window and door businesses into the cloud does not appear to be a high priority. 

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