Are You Cut from Entrepreneurial Cloth?

Christina Lewellen
April 23, 2013
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I just love this list of 10 surprising assertions from entrepreneurs, published recently as a column on Even though the columnist warned me that a statement or two might come as a surprise, I still managed a couple of mental “no way”s and “really?”s as I made my way through it.

Of particular note were some against-the-grain assertions, including that business comes before family for entrepreneurs, you should fire your worst customers and a good business model is far more important than having passion for your pursuit. A bit extreme, perhaps, but there might be a fair amount of truth in these statements.

Our industry has a notable entrepreneurial spirit, so I thought I’d put this list to our readers for a test. Do you think this top 10 hits the mark, or is it a bit too extreme? If I forced you to make a choice (or, say, vote in the poll below), what would you say is the most accurate assertion about window and door entrepreneurs? Send an email or post a comment to share your thoughts.


Survey Results as of 04/30/2013 :


If I had to pick just one, I would say window and door entrepreneurs are MOST successful if they are:

Focused on customers





Willing to take risks










Willing to make difficult decisions










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I like the comment from the article that "following your passion is bogus". It contradicts every other person I've heard talk about entrepreneurship yet he gives compelling reasons why it's true. It's
more important to become passionate about whatever it is we decide to do. That way, we are free to follow more than one dream and can pursue more than one business opportunity and be successful.You might be a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who makes his mark in one industry, or you might be a Mark Cuban, who succeeded in several different industries from computers, to internet radio to an NBA franchise and more!

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