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John G. Swanson
October 9, 2012
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Economists and other experts looking at housing market, as well as remodeling and replacement activity, are getting more upbeat in their forecasts.  At least that was the case at last week's Window & Door Manufacturers Association Executive Conference and Building and Infrastructure Forecast Conference hosted by Lincoln International.

New home construction is coming back, led by the multi-family sector.  Remodeling and replacement is also seeing modest improvement.  And 2013 and beyond holds more promise.

Are you seeing it?  That's our poll question of the week, and of course we'd like to hear from you. What window and door market segments do you see growing?  Are you targeting multi-family? Are you still seeing a lot of negatives in your market? Post a comment and share your thoughts on the current environment or the coming year. 

Survey Results as 10/15/2012:


Next year, we foresee:

Some growth in our markets




Weaker markets




A flat year




Strong growth in our markets




Despite evidence of an improving economy and  forecasts for improving markets, window and door industry executives remain skeptical.  Forty percent overall see growing markets next year, with the majority predicting continued weakness or further declines. 

I guess it all depends on what markets your company is in. If you supply windows and doors for new construction, your business is probably up. All the better if your company is involved in multi-family new construction.  Yes, there are parts of the country not seeing it, but those markets are up this year, albeit from a low level, and should be up again in 2013.  

The real struggles seem to be coming in remodeling and replacement.  Demand is expected to grow, and it probably has already.  A lot of homeowners, however, can't get a loan to pay for projects.  That was a complaint made by a couple of remodelers and window dealers at last week's Remodeling Show. 

Personally, I think most of us will enjoy growing markets next year, and most people I talked to at the show in Baltimore seemed to think so too.  .  


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