Are You Hyped for the iPhone 5?

Christina Lewellen
September 19, 2012

It seems there is no buzz that can rival that of a new version of the iPhone hitting the market. Starting Friday, consumers who want the latest and greatest in iPhone offerings will be scrambling to get their hands on the iPhone 5. Ahead of the release, Apple’s stock price was creeping higher and folks are already setting up camp to wait in line outside Apple stores nationwide.

This week, I’m interested to know if you’re rushing out to purchase your iPhone right away. Are you an early adopter of this type of technology—they type of person who just can’t wait to get the newest devices? Or do you prefer the wait-and-see approach so that you can make your decisions once initial reviews are in? Please post a comment below or send me an email to share. If you’re camped out on a sidewalk in front of an Apple store reading this Talk on your iPhone 4, please, please, oh please, share your story!

Survey Results as of 09/25/2012:


When it comes to brand new technology, I consider myself:

A wait-and-see type, but likely to buy it eventually




Oblivious to the hype. I like what I have.




An early adopter




Window and door professionals might not be waiting on line outside the local Apple Store, but it looks like many be picking up the latest iPhone in the next few months.  A little less than 40 percent of poll participants are content with what they have but that leaves a majority in the categories of early or eventual adopters.

Certainly, the iPhone 5 was launched with typical Apple success. More than 2 million users bought the new device as soon as it was on the market. For those who prefer the wait-and-see approach, that's a significant number of reviews in the making. Chances are, you know someone who has a new iPhone, if you don't fall in the 15 percent who may have rushed out to buy one for yourself.


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