Are You a Modern Manager?

Christina Lewellen
July 24, 2013

In a recent Forbes column, Jacob Morgan points out that successful managers of today exhibit five primary characteristics—willingness to enable employees to succeed, a firm grasp of where technology is headed, a desire to lead by example, a commitment to being transparent, and willingness to share company information and market intelligence at all levels of the proverbial food chain. These qualities, the columnist notes, require some old school managers to walk away from their management style of the past in order to succeed today and well into the future.

In the years you’ve been involved with the window and door industry, have you seen management styles evolve? Have your own leadership qualities changed with changing times? How have you prepared yourself to lead a new generation of workers (or if you’re on the younger side, an older generation of workers)? I’d love to hear your story, so please send me an email or post a comment below.


Survey Results as of 07/30/2013:

Of all the qualities a manager should have, the most important in the window and door industry is:

Leading by example





Commitment to employees' success





Being tech savvy















The ability to lead by example is seen as the most important quality a manager should have in the window and door industry by just over a third of our respondents this week.  A commitment to employees' success and being tech savvy were each named most important by about a quarter of our respondents.  

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