Are You Working with Architects?

John G. Swanson
May 15, 2012
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Many window and door manufacturers, as well as suppliers of glass and other components, will be in Washington, D.C., this week exhibiting at the AIA 2012 Expo. It promises to be an interesting showcase of new products and technologies targeted at the commercial, institutional and high-end residential markets.

It is these segments of the window and door business where architects typically play an important role in the product selection process. There are other segments of the market, however, where architects are rarely involved. I thought I would use this week's poll to see if the landscape is changing at all for window and door industry companies.  

It's probably safe to say architects will always play a central role in nonresidential applications, so I'm most interested in hearing from those involved in residential. Are you working with architects more often? Less? Do you see them becoming more important in certain types of homes or remodeling projects? Is green building making them more influential? What about other issues, such as universal design?  Post a comment to share your thoughts.  And if you're at AIA, stop by and say hi. Window & Door will be there too, along with our sister publication, Glass Magazine, in booth #717


Survey Results for 05/16/2012 :


In residential new construction and remodeling jobs, we work with architects:

It's always been virtually 0 percent of the time.




About the same as always have.




More often than we used to.




Less than we used to.




It's always been nearly 100 percent of the time.




This week's poll results suggest there's not too much change in the level of involvement of architects with window and door companies on residential projects. A quarter of our respondents said they are seeing architects more often, while nearly 20 percent said they were seen less.  More than half our responses indicate they're seeing little change.

I thought the relative strength of the high-end residential market–compared to the market as a whole–might also  tilt the results toward "more often than we used to." I also thought the popularity of green building might have translated into an increase in the number of homes where the architect is involved in the window and/or door selection process.


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