Did the Economy Change How You Install?

Christina Lewellen
July 28, 2010

This week, my hat's off to Replacement Contractor editor Jim Cory for a fabulous topic worthy of some Talk... In his recent article, he explores how some home improvement companies have shifted the way they approach installation. He highlights how some companies used to use all in-house employees to install products and now they've shifted to using some subcontractors—often with impressive results to the bottom line.

The article does highlight some window and door companies so it sparked my interest in running a poll this week to see what our readers are seeing. Are you, as a dealer, distributor or manufacturer involved in installed sales, changing the way you get windows and doors into holes as a result of the economy? Have you subbed out some of your jobs to trusted, local tradesmen and women who happen to be out of a job?

Please send me an email to tell me how the economic conditions have changed the way you handle installations. And if you're sticking to your guns and preserving your time-tested business model, I'd love to hear about that too.

In recent times, our company has:
Stuck with our model of using employees only.
Continued to use a mix of employees and subcontractors.
Shifted to more subcontractors.
Shifted to less/no subcontractors.
Continued to rely on subcontractors only.

If poll form doesn't work in your email, Click Here.

Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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