Did You See an Uptick?

Christina Lewellen
September 22, 2010
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Some rays of light this week in what has otherwise been a pretty dismal summer. The Commerce Department reported yesterday a seasonally-adjusted jump of more than 10 percent in housing starts in August. This was more of an increase than many economists expected, which doesn't really surprise me. I would imagine one would be hard pressed to find a cheery economist these days.

One month worth of numbers certainly doesn't mean we're happily recovered, but I do wonder if you saw business mirror this report. Particularly for our new construction providers—yes, you.... wake up! I'm talking to you this week—did you see your own numbers nudge upward a bit toward the latter part of the summer? 

After taking a moment to vote in this week's poll, share some thoughts about what you're seeing in the new construction market in your area. Have we finally worked through the mountains of inventory? Are builders starting to request more quotes and move on more jobs? Post a comment below or send me an email.  Let's Talk.


Survey Results as of 09/26/2010:

For the new construction business in our market, the late summer was:

Still moving downward.




Somewhat neutral, maintaining stability.




Up slightly, similar to the housing starts report




Up significantly. There are real signs of life.




Seems that while the Commerce Department reported some upward-moving numbers for new construction, we didn't see that translate to sales in the window and door industry. More than 70 percent said new construction business spent the back part of the summer on a downward trend. Always the optimist, however, I will point out that more than 25 percent of respondents saw stabilization or increasing new construction business—and that certainly counts for something.

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