Do Home Buyers Notice New Doors and Windows?

Christina Lewellen
August 15, 2012
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With many housing markets across the country gaining traction, buyers and sellers are adjusting their expectations. With more consumers getting off the fence in order to take advantage of lower home prices and historically-low interest rates, real estate agents are advising clients to position themselves for success. For buyers, this might mean getting financial ducks in a row. For sellers, it could involve staging a property in order to attract the greatest number of potential buyers.

In an article I recently read, an Indianapolis realtor even suggests that exterior home staging may be the key to a successful sale. While he points out in the article that some minor fixes and fresh paint may be enough to entice would-be buyers, it made me wonder if some sellers are going beyond the bare minimum—doing things like replacing front doors and or drafty old windows before listing their homes. A sizeable investment, perhaps, but one that savvy home buyers are likely to notice.

Do you see customers buying replacement products to spruce up the curb appeal and comfort of their homes prior to a sale? Will they target a malfunctioning or particularly bad looking door or window? Dealers—have you (or any of your customers, if you’re a manufacturer) thought about targeting these consumers or working with a real estate agent to facilitate replacement projects for a soon-to-be-listed home? Please send me an email or post a comment below to share your thoughts.

Now, I recognize we may end up with a biased result here, and we’ll take that into consideration, but please take a moment to vote in our poll as well. Do fresh doors and windows resonate with home shoppers?

Survey Results as of 08/20/2012:


Updated and energy efficient windows and doors...

Can definitely impact a decision with energy-conscious buyers




May be taken into consideration, but won't be a deciding factor in a home purchase




Do not affect a home buyer's decision




Well, our poll results may not bee too surprising, it is good to see most industry respondents believe in the products they sell.  About 99 percent see new windows and doors having some potential influence on home buyers as they make their purchase decisions. Curb appeal is particularly important in some regions of the country where inventory has not yet tightened enough to balance the market between buyers and sellers.   



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