Do You Agree with Ducker?

Christina Lewellen
July 20, 2010
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I think most people who know me well would categorize me as a pretty upbeat person. I'm quite optimistic and I look for the upside and growth opportunities in not-so-fun situations, including the rocky economic road we've traveled the last couple of years.

Chipper attitude and all, I will admit that even I was pleasantly surprised when I digested the Ducker statistical report, sponsored by AAMA and WDMA. This annual report sums up our industry by showing not only where we've been for the past few years in terms of volume and sales, but where qualified researchers expect our market will go in the next few years.

This year's version of the report shows that the residential window and door industry will begin growing this year, and we'll reach pre-crisis levels by 2013. An optimist's dream.

What's your reaction to the forecast? Are the numbers in line for what you expect for the next couple of years? Send me an email and share your thoughts. Did Ducker get it right, in your opinion?

What do you think of Ducker's market projections?
They are too optimistic.
They sound about right.
They are too pessimistic.

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