Do You Have a Paperless Future?

Christina Lewellen
February 4, 2013

Going paperless can have a big impact on a business. Not only is it an environmentally friendly approach to running a company, but it can also result in significant improvements to internal processes and document management. Reducing or eliminating paper is a growing movement in many industries, including the window and door segment.

Earlier this year, reported that a handful of web companies that provide paper management solutions have teamed up to encourage movement toward a paperless future. They've even created a dedicated resource to the effort,

Where is your company on the path to paperless? Have you made strides toward reducing the amount of paper your company uses in the course of business, or is it something you haven't embraced quite yet? If you have gone paperless (or significantly reduced paper processes), what has been the outcome? Is it worth the investment of time and effort?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll and send me an email to share your thoughts. You can also post a comment below if you have words of wisdom for those who are pursuing a paperless future.

Survey Results as of 02/12/2013 :

My Company:

Is almost entirely paperless.





Has made some improvements but is unlikely to do much more.





Has made strides toward reducing paper and intends to do more.





Has not gone paperless but is looking into the options.





Has made strides toward reducing paper, and we intend to do more.





Has made some improvement, but is unlikely to do much more for a while.






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