Do You Have Workplace Flexibility?

Christina Lewellen
March 5, 2013

An interesting debate is brewing in the business world, sparked by Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer. As parenting columnist for The Washington Post Tracy Grant points out this week, Mayer is ruffling feathers for her decision to eliminate employees’ option to work from home. Having been appointed to the helm of Yahoo at less than 40 years old and while pregnant, many people thought she would be a voice for working parents everywhere. And yet, with this decision, she reduces the flexibility for workers to juggle personal responsibilities.

My question this week is about flexible work environments. Certainly, there are some jobs in our business that simply cannot be done from home—particularly those in the manufacturing arena. Still, I would expect that many companies in our industry offer some degree of flexibility when it comes to getting the job done. Let’s take this poll and find out if my guess is correct.

Does your company allow some employees (depending on job function) to work from home? Does it offer condensed work weeks or the ability to telecommute in emergency situations? Do you wish your work environment offered more flexibility, or is it best to leave a higher level of structure in place? Please send me an email or post a comment below to share your thoughts.

Survey Results as of 03/12/2013 :

My company offers:

Some flexibility as necessary (personal emergencies, appointments, etc.)





Quite flexible work options (telecommuting, condensed schedules, etc.) for some positions





Little to no flexibility in scheduling or work options






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