Have You Filed Yet?

Christina Lewellen
April 3, 2013

Your taxes, that is. April is a happy month for those looking to escape winter weather, but a not-so-happy month for those looking to escape our annual tax obligations. In fact, if you’re really stressed out about tax season, a recent USA Today article points out that there are some hotels across the country that are working hard to take the 'taxing' part out of taxes.

Alas, as it has been famously noted many times before, taxes are, indeed, inevitable. How long do you put off the process? Are you a “get it done early” person or a “midnight on Tax Day” person? Was there good news waiting for you at the end of the tax filing process this year? What do you think you’ll spend that refund on?

Please send me an email to share your story or post a comment below. Oh, and good luck with that whole tax thing.

Survey Results as of 04/09/2013 :

This year my taxes are:

already done!





will most likely be done by midnight, April 15





almost complete







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