How Do You Show Your Veteran Pride?

Christina Lewellen
August 14, 2013

I continue to hear how rough it can be for our honorable, hard-working veterans to secure private-sector work after retiring from active duty. How can HR professionals or managers interpret military experience and translate it to, say, the window and door industry? 

Columnist Shane Robinson writes that hiring veterans pays off in droves. So many of the attributes veterans bring to the table are ideally matched to the entrepreneurial spirit that makes or breaks start-up companies, including impressive leadership skills at all levels and the ability to serve as true problem solvers in challenging situations. Seems to me that, thanks to the "new normal" of the window and door business, many of Robinson's reasons to hire veterans make a lot of sense to window and door companies that want to be successful in today's marketplace. 

Does your company go out of its way to hire veterans? What do you think makes your veteran workforce stand out from the crowd? I'd like to hear the ways in which you think veterans are well suited to the window and door industry. Please share a comment below or send me an email.  

Survey Results as of 08/20/2013 :

At my company, the veteran population of the workforce is:

A minority





A majority





A decent percentage of the population, and we're always looking to expand it







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