How Important is Facebook?

Christina Lewellen
June 8, 2011
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I tip my hat to MI Windows this week for its impressive product launch strategy. As we highlight in this week's news, MI is supporting its new product using today’s latest technology—including iPad apps and a strong Facebook presence—to help its customers sell more windows in an efficient way.
This impressive marketing approach is just one of many ways companies are using mobile technology and social networking sites. Facebook is no longer exclusively an online gathering place for young people. Businesses in all industries are finding that Facebook is a valuable resource to reach its buyers of all ages and backgrounds.
My question is whether your company is finding success using Facebook as a business tool in the window and door industry. Do you find that customers are connecting with your company on Facebook? How do you use it—to share product information and company announcements? Will there come a day (or has it come already) when your Facebook page will be more relevant to your customers than your website?
Please send me an email or post a comment below and let me know how important Facebook has become in your business strategy.

Survey Results for 06/08/2011:


For my company, Facebook is:

Still an afterthought—not seen as particularly critical




Something we're just thinking about now.




An emerging component in our marketing efforts.




Already an important part of our marketing and communications efforts




Love it or hate it, Facebook is an important part of how we communicate today. With every age and demographic solidly represented in the Facebook realm, I'm surprised to see that only 10 percent have already solidified their company's Facebook strategy. I'm pleased to see the nearly 40 percent in the middle are starting to figure out how Facebook can be a supportive part of a comprehensive business game plan.

Look--I'm not saying that Facebook is the ONLY way to build a business. But I do raise an eyebrow at the more than 50 percent of respondents who are somewhat apathetic to its marketing power, particularly when it comes to targeting a particular type of customer.

This tongue-in-cheek article, "Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless," might be worth a few minutes of your time. Like any business strategy, Facebook takes knowledge and time. But the payoffs can be impressive. Do you have a story about how Facebook has benefited your business? Send me an email to share.

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