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Christina Lewellen
February 15, 2012

I’m a Facebook junkie—I’ll admit it. I even work a bit of Tweeting into my routine for work and some organizations in which I’m involved. But I’m far from a cutting-edge social networker. I see the value that social networking has brought to many companies, and it certainly has changed the way we communicate and interact as a society.

There are always new networks and trends happening in the social media space. A few minutes ago, everyone was tracking their every move on Foursquare and now a new obsession has emerged with Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s sort of a photo-sharing site, but it allows users to categorize photos by topic. Think of it this way—if a bride is shopping for her wedding, she could search for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest by seeing what other brides have “pinned.”

This certainly applies to home improvement projects and design inspiration. A homeowner who is looking for ideas about what to do with that bay window might turn to Pinterest to explore some options. It’s new, I know—but perhaps one you shouldn’t ignore.

So fess up… who is actively “pinning” already, and how many of you have NO idea what I’m talking about? I’ve linked to some interesting articles in this write-up, and I would encourage you to check them out—including this one about the best brands emerging on Pinterest. In the meantime, vote in our poll for the week and send me an email or post a comment to share your initial opinions about Pinterest.


Survey Results as 02/21/2012:


As far as Pinterest is concerned:

I'll admit I have no idea what you're talking about.




I'm planning to check it out soon.




I am exploring and learning.




I have started to use it.




Window and door executives are getting comfortable with Facebook and Twitter, but our poll reveals they aren't quick to jump on every bandwagon. I get it, folks—believe me. After a week trying to figure out Pinterest and how it applies to me and my job, I'm just about dis-Pinterested.

So we're not too hot on new fads, but I would like to ask in the way of a follow-up for your feedback on the more traditional Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media outlets. Compared to, say, last year at this time, are you more involved in one or all of these networks? Do you find them useful in your business? Do you connect with your customers this way? Please send an email to share!

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 Except it isn't photo-sharing. It's link-sharing. It's creating a web of all of your favorite sites. It's like making a page of links (which just happen to have pretty pictures embedded in them which are shown as the thumbnail to the link) to reference back to at some point in the future or for your friends to look at that you've "reccommended." While a lot of people use it to look at the photos, I think it needs to be said that most people using Pinterest (in my experience at least), are using it not because they're photo-enthusiasts, but because they're blog-enthusiasts, craft enthusiasts, baking, fashion, etc.  

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