Is Manufacturing In Vogue?

Christina Lewellen
May 22, 2013

Guess what, my window and door manufacturer friends—we are now, apparently, cool. According to a recent article in the Crain’s Cleveland Business publication, manufacturing is now “in” among some pockets of teenagers, and it’s not just boys who are looking at what has increasingly become a high-tech segment of our economy.

“Modern manufacturing is high-tech, and individuals need a strong education to land and thrive in those jobs," the article notes. Yup, we’ve known that for a while. But apparently word is starting to get out nd interest is starting to spread among the workforce of the future.

This week's poll is geared to those involved in the manufacturing segment of our industry, but we'd be interested in hearing from everyone.  Do you find interest among high school students in your area for the manufacturing sector? Is your company doing anything to get involved and shepherd potential workers toward appropriate training and educational opportunities? Please send an email or post a comment to share your thoughts. Is manufacturing cool?


My company is:

Not interested in these types of activities.





Not involved, though we would like to be.





Somewhat involved, doing career days and shadowing, etc.





Very involved with students, encouraging the types of careers we offer.






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If manufacturing has suddenly become cool with teenagers, it may well have been prompted by this Ohio based company Rogue Fitness has done an exceptional job of taking "American Made" manufacturing to the next level. They make welded steel super-cool in the young CrossFit crowd, and have done an exceptional job at marketing via social media and email. They have made successful alliances and it is resulting in exponential growth in a time when many companies are experiencing a decline in sales. As a window and door manufacturer (and CrossFit enthusiast) I have learned much from this company and continue to follow suit with our own marketing initiatives.

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