Monthly Poll: Aluminum Tariffs: Helpful or Hurtful?

March 6, 2018
President Trump recently announced that he plans to impose a tariff of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports. While his plans and statements have drawn both criticism and praise, Window & Door polled its readers about the implications on our fenestration manufacturers and their suppliers. Readers weighed in to tell us that a slight majority see the tariffs as hurtful, while a fewer number think they may be helpful to fenestration. 
Comments from the general construction sector seem to echo this dichotomy. The consensus is that the cost of goods may increase, but not in a big enough way as to decrease overall spending. In a recent webinar hosted by Dodge Data & Analytics, Dodge Chief Economist Robert Murray expressed the notion that, “the tariffs on steel and aluminum will simply add to a trend of construction material price increases that have already been rising throughout 2017.”
While rising material costs may have a dampening element on the pace of construction spending, they won’t, in and of themselves, decrease activity, Murray concluded. The consensus of the speakers in the April 3 webinar—including Bill Mack, Erland Construction, and Chris Gargas, Red Hawk Fire & Security, a building products manufacturer, and Dodge’s Murray—was that higher material prices and the tight labor market will squeeze bottom lines, but not change the course of the overall construction cycle.
The building and construction industry overall is less concerned about the price of structural steel, more with the effect of tariffs on products and equipment derived from steel/aluminum. Mack noted that as an aspect of building, the price of aluminum windows may increase, but homeowner are likely to look at the project overall instead of single units of increase.
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Survey Results for 04/04/2018 :

Will President Trump's proposed steel and aluminum tariffs be helpful or hurtful to the residential fenestration market?

Neither/no impact

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It is about time, that all kinds of tariffs are imposed to all products manufactured abroad and are imported into the USA without paying any tariff and not protecting the local manufacturers. If the product is not manufactured in the USA, then is OK not pay any tariff because there is no reason to increase the price.
Manufacturers interested in selling in this country, should establish a manufacturing operation to supply this huge market but is not fair that local manufacturers in this country has to pay higher salaries + fringes benefits to local workers and these importers do not comply with any regulations and sell their products at ridiculous prices and hurt the american products manufactured in this country.
I don't like President Trump but he is right on that decision.