Next Generation of Window Branding?

Christina Lewellen
August 17, 2010
THE TALK... | Sales & Marketing

We see some interesting news this week in the window and door industry that focuses on branding. First, we see the resurgence of the Stanley brand in the door arena. That should be a name brand many homeowners remember from years ago.

But what really got my attention was the Kathy Ireland backing of Window World products. Who would have thought? I guess it shouldn't be surprising given that celebrities' names on towels and bedroom sheets give us a certain impression of quality—why not windows and doors? 

So what do you think of Window World's celebrity affiliation? Do you think it will comfort busy working moms as the Kathy Ireland brand intends? Do you think we'll see more brand associations like this in the future? Send me an email and let me know if you think this is the start of something big in window and door branding to consumers.

Will we see additional co-branding in the window and door industry to bolster consumers' trust?
Yes, it's a likely trend.
No, it will be limited.
Not sure yet.

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