Perfecting your Pitch

Laura Doerger-Roberts
February 9, 2016
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Many manufacturers offer various marketing materials that dealers can use to their advantage. These often include brochures, technical data, product samples, color selectors, demo kits, presentation outlines, pitch books, training opportunities and wearables.

But, as a dealer, what do you need for an effective product presentation? It’s important to build a program that speaks to what your company is known for and takes into consideration how you generate leads. Also, consider what the consumer is expecting from your time together. What is your story and where is it told?

One approach is the classic presentation. This approach puts a high emphasis on features and benefits and has a tactile element. There are four elements to incorporate into this method.

1. Look Like a Pro
Wear apparel with either your logo or a manufacturer’s logo on it. Make sure all presentation materials are neat, organized and current. Can you carry everything into the home in one trip?

2. Present a Pristine Demo
Make sure your demonstration product is in tip-top shape and that it is clean, current and operates well. Ensure all parts and pieces are in place and functional. Practice using every part and piece in the kit.

3. Make a Structured, Comparison-Based Pitch
Use demonstration kits to compare certain product features. Is your presentation impressive and impactful? Can you elaborate on each element of the demonstration?

4. Provide Options
Use selection tools to help the consumer understand the custom options available. Make certain all the choices in your presentation are current.

The overall message you want to send in every presentation is that you believe in the products you sell.

Is your message on target? Do you still schedule a lot of “classic” presentations or are your pitches mostly digital? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment and/or email your thoughts on the subject. 

Survey Results for 02/09/2016 :

As a dealer, are classic in-home demos and presentations a part of your sales pitch?

Most of our presentations include a hands-on demo during in-home consultations.





Most of our sales pitches take place in our showroom using physical and digital examples.





We mostly use digital tools for our in-home sales pitches.





It's rare for us to schedule an in-house demo.





Laura Doerger-Roberts is president of Vinylmax Windows.

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Thank you for sharing advice on a good approach for the salesman. However, can you also share with us how to get to the home of the potential buyer with what to begin with. How does one get the appointment? What is the best approach to get to that point?

Great blog Laura. Number 2 is a must but I see it violated most often with less than satisfactory window samples. And your point about the salesman practicing with the sample is so true.He or she must be able to operate that sample as smooth as silk. Also, electronic tools can be quite helpful in demonstrating the energy saving and creature comforts of the Windows system.