A Shift in Focus

Nicole Harris
December 17, 2013
The buying mentality among consumers appears to have shifted focus, moving from low-priced products to products that offer long-term value, according to the window and door executives we interviewed for the Window & Door 2014 Forecast.  And homeowners’ apparent willingness to consider factors beyond cost is resulting in opportunities for manufacturers and dealers to sell value-added products at higher price points, they say.
“In 2013, we saw an acceleration in consumers' willingness to invest back into their homes, as well as a shift towards value, [and that] provides many growth opportunities  for us in 2014,” says Mark Savan, president of Therma-Tru Doors and Simonton Windows. “Consumers are looking for [a balance] between performance and price in the building products they're purchasing, rather than just price playing a major role in product decisions.”
Are you seeing a similar trend? That’s my question this week. Are consumers shifting focus from low price to high quality? What value-added features are they showing the most interest in? Please email me or post a comment to share your experience.

Survey Results for 12/18/2013 :

Are Consumers Shifting Their Focus from Low-price to High-quality Products?

Some are, but I wouldn't say it's a significant trend yet














The author is publisher of Window & Door and Glass Magazine and vice president of publications for the National Glass Association. Write her at nharris@glass.org.


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