Was Your Black Friday Record Breaking?

Christina Lewellen
November 30, 2011
Black Friday 2011 was an impressive (or appalling, depending on your perspective) display of retail consumption. I know a lot of folks get all bent out of shape over Black Friday, but I have shared with Window & Door readers that my family and I get into the light-hearted spirit of it. We don’t shove. We don’t trample. We don’t freak out over a missed deal. We think it’s festive, an excellent way to work off some post-Thanksgiving calories, and—seriously—when else can you shop in the middle of the night??
It’s become a tradition of sorts at Window & Door that I ask you about your Black Friday consumption. It also gives us a feel of how consumer confidence is faring within our industry. Consumers in general spent more than 9 percent more on Black Friday 2011 than they did last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Were window and door professionals equally aggressive in their Black Friday spending?
Please take a moment to send me an email or post below to share your Black Friday experiences. Did you buy more than you did last year? Did you witness any shameful consumer behavior, or was everyone in line pretty civilized? Has your company tried offering any Black Friday type deals on doors or windows? Please weigh in on our poll so we can compare our industry-specific spending to last year.

Survey Results as of 12/5/2011 :

Compared to last year, I expect my personal holiday-related spending to be:

Less this year




About the same




More this year




Window and door professionals appear to be tightening their belts.

We've asked this poll question for several years now, and back in 2010, about 53 percent of respondents said they would cut back on holiday spending. This is slightly less than this year's majority of 55 percent who say holiday spending will be lighter this year. The slight uptick in the number of folks cutting back could, I would argue, be pegged to the fact that the prolonged recession has left 2011 much flatter than what we might have expected a year ago at this time.

For perspective, however, I'll just add that back in 2009, 66 percent of participants said they'd be cutting back on spending for the holidays. So even though we've had a slight setback in our industry confidence from last year to this year, at least we're making strides in the right direction compared to 2009.

Happy shopping!

Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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