What Drives Manufacturing Competitiveness?

Christina Lewellen
July 12, 2010

Newsweek blogger Rana Foroohar offered an interesting piece this week summarizing some key findings in a study about what drives global manufacturing competitiveness. Released by the Council on Competitiveness, the research asked 400 CEOs of top manufacturing companies what makes them competitive.

Now, before you go looking at the blog, I want you to vote in this week's poll so we can get a sense of our industry's take on competitiveness in manufacturing. Don't cheat and click the article link first—I can tell if you do. (Well, not really, but you just never know with technology!)

Did you vote? OK, now go check out the Newsweek blog. Did your opinion line up with the Council's report? Does the window and door industry perspective differ than the U.S. manufacturing community at large? Send me an email and let's Talk...

The key driver in manufacturing competitiveness is:
Cheap labor
Educated workforce/skilled labor
Cost of energy/materials
Favorable tax policy and laws
Cutting-edge equipment/production methods

If poll form doesn't work in your email, Click Here.

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