What Keeps You Up at Night?

Jenni Chase
October 18, 2016
THE TALK... | Management

Nicole Harris, CEO of the Window & Door Dealers Alliance and its sister organization, the National Glass Association, frequently asks this question of our staff, and I’ve found it very helpful when it comes to prioritizing my work. Admittedly, my nighttime worries are sometimes small, like how I’m going to find time in my schedule for a specific meeting. But most of the time, they revolve around my long-term goals, how I will reach them and the obstacles preventing me from doing so.

The question, “What keeps you up at night?” brings these long-term goals back into focus when day-to-day responsibilities overshadow them. In turn, it renews my efforts to find solutions to the problems standing in the way of their accomplishment.

Now, in an ideal world, we would all have plenty of time for this high-level thinking. In reality, it can be hard to step away from our desks. Yet, it is extremely important we do so if we’re to build more profitable businesses.

This is much of the premise behind Window & Door Dealer Days that starts today in Las Vegas. The three-day event, October 19-21, is hosting speakers who specialize in marketing to consumers, converting leads to sales and building “dream” showrooms. Most importantly, the event hosts window and door dealers from across the country who are willing to share their knowledge and experience as entrepreneurial business owners.

The WDDA recognizes the importance of building a community of window and door dealers in which they can share ideas in a noncompetitive environment, voice concerns over regulations affecting their businesses, and learn from one another’s successes.

If your company has a story to share—or problem to solve—we want to hear from you, whether through the magazine, WDDA, or events like Window & Door Dealer Days. We want to know what’s keeping you up at night. Email us, post a comment and review the results of this week’s poll.

Survey Results for 10/19/2016: What keeps you up at night?
All of the above
Contemplating how to get more business
Managing the multiple hats you wear throughout the day
Worrying about cash flow
Chase is editorial director of Window & Door, and its sister publication, Glass Magazine. Write her at jchase@glass.org.


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