What Will Hurricane Sandy Do to Your Business?

Christina Lewellen
October 29, 2012
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For those of us on the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy has packed a wallop. Estimates of the destruction and damage are just starting to come in.  Schools and businesses up and down the East Coast have been closed—even the New York Stock Exchange shut down for the first time in decades due to a weather-related incident.

The Window & Door team is put the final touches on this week’s WDweekly with no electricity, batteries running low and internet connections hard-to-find.

We’re in the early days of the response to this massive natural disaster, but how do you think Hurricane Sandy will affect your operations? Was your business directly impacted with damage and closures? Or if you’re in a part of the country not directly affected by the weather from Hurricane Sandy, are you finding it difficult to conduct business with East Coast customers or suppliers? Finally, will clean-up efforts fuel demand for window and door products in your opinion? Send me an email or post a comment below to let us know how Hurricane Sandy is impacting the window and door business.

We hope everyone is safe and dry this week.


Survey Results as of 10/24/2012:


Has Hurricane Sandy Impacted Your Business?

Not yet, but it probably will





No, and I doubt it will












As we improvised with limited electricity to publish WDweekly on Oct. 31, we barely knew the extent of the devastation in the Mid-Atlantic states.  In last week’s The Talk, we asked how you were impacted,  and we've started hearing from some companies.  Among them, Thermal Industries Inc., which announced several disaster relief programs. Read more about how window and door manufacturers are weathering the storm.

Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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