What's Your Resolution for 2011?

Christina Lewellen
December 14, 2010

For many years now, I have wrapped up the year by asking our WDweekly readers about their companies' resolutions for the coming year. Last year and the few before that painted a similar picture—most folks were just hoping to make it through the year alive and kickin'. Are we more hopeful and confident this year? 

We'll stick with tradition and ask you to weigh in on your company's resolution for the year. Take a look at the poll responses and let me know what you would hope to see your company accomplish in 2011.

But this year, I'd also like to hear a little bit about your personal resolutions, if you're brave enough to share. The reason is that my Spidey Sense tells me that many of our personal resolutions are likely to be related to things going on in the broader economic environment. With consumer confidence being much lower than historic norms at this point in a recovery, I'm guessing you may want to pay down your debt, increase your savings, or advance your career in a challenging job market. Are you brave enough to share? (It can be anonymous, of course!)

No matter what your personal or business New Year's Resolution, the Window & Door team sincerely wishes you a healthy, productive and enjoyable year ahead. We love this weekly opportunity to Talk with folks in the industry, and we continually strive to bring you relevant and up-to-date information as you conduct business as a window and door company—and we don't need New Year's for that resolution.

Wishing you a great start to 2011! 

Survey Results as of 1/4/2011:

My 2011 resolution for my company is:

To just weather the storm and come out of this recession relatively unscarred.





To kick it up a notch with customer satisfaction.





To broaden our product offering.





To find a new market niche.





To expand our geographic scope.





To focus on employee retention and productivity.





To find ways to be leaner (companies can shed pounds too!)





As was the case with last year's New Year's Resolution survey, many companies in our industry remain focused on survival.  There are some notable changes in the results, however.

Perhaps because most companies have trimmed down already, there's less focus on getting lean for 2011 than there was going into 2010. And it would appear more companies are thinking about expanding and growing now. For 2011, more respondents are taling about expanding product lines and geographic reach.  More are also looking to increase customer satisfaction levels. 

My guess is that most companies will want to do at least a little of all these things going into 2011.  



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