What's Your Source of Training?

Christina Lewellen
June 9, 2010

Boy, we sure do live in interesting times. We're not only wrestling this stubborn economy, but we are peddling fast to keep up with regulatory changes that are causing significant waves in the way window and doors are sold and installed.

So much has changed since just a few short years ago—everything from the sales process to lead-safe installation practices to the legal implications of marketing products as green. The pressures the window and door industry face are both ever-increasing and swiftly-changing. This week, I wonder for our Talk topic how you're keeping up with it all

Specifically, I'm interested in learning how dealers are training their employees.  Are manufacturers and other vendors the best source to keep employees educated on various technology and sales topics? Are third-party trainers becoming increasingly important with such issues as lead safe work practices? With budgets tighter than ever, are dealers turning to online training platforms?

Shoot me an email and let's Talk about training...

What is your best source for employee training?
Manufacturer and vendor programs
Third-party organizations/training firms
Online training programs
Educational conferences

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Contact Christina Lewellen, senior editor, at clewellen@glass.org.


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