Who Are You Voting For?

John G. Swanson
September 3, 2012
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Last week, the Republicans gathered in Florida, and made their case for the election of Mitt Romney and a new direction for our government.  This week, the Democrats are in North Carolina for their convention, making the argument that President Obama deserves another four years to continue building on the limited recovery to date. So, with everyone in a political mood, I thought it was time to devote our weekly poll to the upcoming election.

I'm asking more than whether you plan to vote for Obama or Romney. I also thought I'd use this week's poll to gauge the level of enthusiasm or support window and door industry professionals are showing for their favored candidate. 

And, of course, we'd like to hear from you.  We don't get into politics too often here, but let's hear your views.  Who will be better for the country?  Who will be better for business?  Who will be better for the window and door industry.  If you are supporting a particular candidate, post a comment and tell us why. 

Survey Results as of 09/10/2012:


In the upcoming election,

I am voting for President Obama





I am voting for Mitt Romney





I am voting for President Obama, and supporting him by donating time and/or money





I am voting for Mitt Romney, and supporting him by donating time and/or money





I am undecided





I am voting for another candidate





Okay, I have to admit this comes as a surprise. Based on the conversations I've had over the past year or so, as well as the emails and comments I've seen regarding a number of issues, I didn't think President Obama would top our poll this week. I hear a lot more window and door people saying they don't like what President Obama has done in his first term related to the economy and government regulations than I hear on the positive front.

That being said, I haven't heard many in the industry talk about Mitt Romney either.  I don't think his name has come up in an email anybody has sent me.  If there is support for him, it's lukewarm, it would seem.

And that seems to be the case on a national scale. Despite dissatisfaction with Obama, there doesn't appear to be a lot of enthusiam for Romney.  Things can still change, of course.  We're coming off what most agree was a successful Demoncratic National Convention and hit-and-miss Republican Natinoal Convention.  Debates are still to come, and who knows what else.  It will be an interesting couple of months.  


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I am sure the rest of the world does laugh. Especially when our President goes to "the world" and apologizes for us Americans who have fought for peace on their shores. I am not a "One Perceter", however, I do know that our whole tax system needs to be re-vamped so that the "One Percenters" don't disappear with their job creations, and by being taxed to death. The "One Percenters" already pay over 85% of our governement expenditures. I do not feel that our democracy was developed with the understanding that if you "have it" you need to split it up and give to everyone that doesn't "have it". Isn't that Communism? Get Obama out, reduce the size of our government, repeal Obamacare, and restore this country's patriotism. If Obama is the answer - How stupid is the question?

Has anyone noticed how silent our President is on the attacks on two of our embassies, including the murder of one of our Ambassadors... on the anniversary of the most cowardly attack in the history of our nation?

No, he was too busy apologizing to the Muslim brotherhood for a YouTube posting!

This man must not be allowed to destroy in four years what took 236 years to build!

"...a successful Demoncratic National Convention and hit-and-miss Republican Natinoal Convention"??? John, did you watch the same conventions I did?

As memory serves, the DNC started out with a HUGE debate over whether to inlcude the word "God" in any of the platform positions, followed by an even louder chorus of boos when the voice vote "passed", and ended with a stream of vile tweeets aimed at Cardinal Dolan, who had the very poor taste (and even poorer judgement, considering the audience) of offering a prayer of protection for the unborn! To get a hint of a taste of what the Democrats are offering the American public, you only need look a the posting of Charlemagne Benoit contained herein, unless you pull the post in the interest of good taste.

I suppose I should have warned you that opening up the W&D Weekly to a political discussion would have degenerated into name-calling session fairly quickly, but I never imagined it would happen so quickly!

Wow....Love the first answer. Obama hasn't offered a budget nor has his Democratic controlled Senate passed one during his first term. The man only knows how to spend our money and believes the government is the answer to everything. No doubt that Romney actually would address the deficit, offer inntives to small business, and reign in the impact of Obama care on small business. Also, change would likely help the banking industry increase their

I find it incomprehensible that someone in this industry, that has seen the devastation over the Obama years could even consider reelecting him. From the housing debacle to the EPA expansion to extensive banking regulations that have severley hurt this industry, what could make anyone want four more years of pain?

Well said, Wayne. That being said, we just can't sit on the sidelines this election and hope that the best man wins. We have to MAKE SURE the best man wins!

Congress sets the budget and passes bills to create jobs. The House has not passed one bill in 3 1/2 jobs. Reason enough to Vote for Obama, I thrust this Man, Romney has a record of flip flopping. His VP continues to misguide and being dishonest. I don't thrust the GOP> I'm a Republican and my wife and I have decided to Vote for Obama this time.