Who Would You Vote For?

John G. Swanson
October 31, 2011
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The presidential campaign has been going strong for some time on the Republican side. We've had debates, straw polls, withdrawals from the race, and a mix of front runners, including some who weren't officially candidates.  But given the fact that it's the first week of November and we're now a year away from the real election, I thought it was time for WDweekly's first poll of the 2012 campaign.

We don't have two sets of candidates like we did four years ago.  So the focus of our poll will be on the slate of Republican candidates for now.  Sorry Democrats, you'll have to wait. 

Of course we want to hear from everyone. Post a comment below or email me to tell us why you're supporting a particular candidate or why you're not. Are there any candidates you think will be particularly good for the industry? Republicans, are you one of those still looking for a Romney alternative? Are you happy with your choices?  Are you still hoping someone else gets into the race? And while Obama supporters can't vote in this week's poll, you can share your thoughts too. 

Survey Results as of 11/08/2011 :

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

Mitt Romney




Ron Paul




Herman Cain




Newt Gingrich




I will not be voting in a Republican caucus or primary.




Rick Perry




Jon Huntsman




Michelle Bachmann




Gary Johnson




Rick Santorum




Buddy Roemer




Our poll suggests the window and door industry is not too different from the nation as a whole–or at least the segment of the population that is repeatedly polled heading into the Republican caucuses and primaries. Mitt Romney remains the front-runner but he clearly does not appeal to much of the GOP faithful. My guess is that Herman Cain would have done significantly better if we had done the poll a week earlier, before the issue of sexual harassment emerged. Ron Paul would definitely have received his share of votes no matter what, but I suspect Cain's problems helped lift the Newt Gingrich numbers.

This week's poll results also suggest that our audience, which already leaned toward the Republican side, has shifted further in that direction. Four years ago, the "I will not be voting..." option did much better in our Republican poll.  

The email responses I received would reinforce that general viewpoint. One reader expressed a preference for Michelle Bachman. "I have never in my life heard a more clear pro-business and pro-American message from any candidate, man or women," he wrote. 

"I would support whomever the Republican party nominates," wrote another. "I do prefer a few of them, but anyone–and I mean anyone–who secures the Republican nomination for President will get my support in any way I can...Financial, knocking on doors, telephone work, anything to defeat the current occupant of the White House."

As for the commenter below who wishes we would keep politics out of things here in Window & Door, I sympathize. And I can definitely say, I am interested in your opinion. We know our strengths as a publication and website lie in providing news and fostering discussions more focused on industry issues. I am thankful for that when I see the lack of civility in much online political discussion, I would note. But I also believe the people in our industry deserve the opportunity to voice their political opinions as much as anyone else. And they welcome the opportunity. Our WDweekly polls typically get a few hundred responses a week.  Last week's poll got more than a thousand responses.    


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I wish you would keep politics out of this.  IF you want my opinion all Republicans are nuts. But if I had to vote for one it would be Romney. He's the only sane person in the bunch (and he will get the nomination). 

Well, there are different things I like about each of the candidates, and different things I don't like. For example, Romney certainly brings the credentials required to turn the economy around, but it's difficult to gauge exactly where he stands on several key issues. Gingrich is certainly the smartest of the lot, but my fear is he has too much personal baggage to be elected. Ron Paul is very smart as well, but for me, he's too much of an isolationist. I like Rick Perry, but not his position on illegal immigration. I like Rick Santorum, but if he can't hold his Congressional seat, how can he win the country? Which brings me to Hermann Cain. Great background, great experience, great credentials. Plus, he's already embroiled in allegations of prior sexual harrassment... which means the long knives are already coming out... which means the left fears this man. Good enough for me! ("The enemy of my enemy is my friend.")


Among us here at CHOSEN, as it rightly ought to be among all True Christians, we do not vote party lines or other enticing sales positions; We vote Christian.  That can be more of a challenge than it seems on the surface since sooo many call themselves "Christian" and court postions most likely to garner the largest voter percentages.  Matthew 13:24-30 & 36-43 is the place to look for understanding such things in these last days [Daniel 12:4].  We encourage all to Pray earnestly over such solemn decisions and to consider Matthew 24 & 25; Especially the Matthew 24:32-35 parable of the Fig Tree [is Israel the Fig Tree? Hosea 9:10 ]..  Is it a small thing whom we corporately set over our Blessed Nation U.S.A. to represent us to the entire world?  We have become a mockery to the planet due to our debauchery, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, ANTI-Christ/ian laws, and general Godlessness.  Let us rise up now obedient to Christ and restore our previous generations' Faith and vision for this great land!  Pray about it.

In Christ, Kevin S. Hatcher [2 Corinthians 5:7]