Will You Help Japan?

Christina Lewellen
March 16, 2011
First of all, let me express on behalf of the entire Window & Door team our deepest concerns and sympathy for the people of Japan—especially those directly impacted by the recent earthquake, tsunami and the resulting devastation.
Natural disasters of this nature resonate with me in a pretty significant way. Several years ago, I visited New Orleans to visit with window and door companies that had been hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. I learned what those survivors faced in the immediate days following the storm and the crumbling levees, and their stories continue to haunt me today.
And so I opened my heart and my wallet to the people of Japan this week, hoping my relatively minor contribution will join other relatively minor contributions and cumulatively make an impact. Companies are stepping up too. This article points out that the most immediate need in Japan is cash, and not yet goods and/or services.
Will your company, or will you as an individual, dig deep and contribute to the cause? Please take a moment to vote in this week’s poll, and I hope you’ll share with me your reason for donating. The article points out multiple reasons for companies to give—what’s yours? Please email me or post a comment to share.

Survey Results for 03/16/2011:

Will you or your company support the Japanese people with cash or goods/service donations?









As the days and now weeks unfold following the natural disasters in Japan, we're left to observe and absorb the full extent of the devastation. I'm hoping that as time continues to move on post-tsunami, more and more individuals and companies will see themselves as being in a position to help.

Lowe's Companies shared this week that it will donate significantly to the rebuilding efforts, as will many other notable corporations.

I also came across this interesting alternative. If donating cash or texting donations on your mobile phone isn't your thing, what about those unused frequent flier miles or hotel points? 

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