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Nicole Harris
March 4, 2014
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At Woodland Windows & Doors in Roselle, Ill., affirmation is king. It started in 1969 when founder and patriarch, John Mariotti, said, "Yes, I can sell that," when asked to be the specialty dealer for a national window brand. And it has carried through—literally—to the present day on the side of the company’s 10 trucks.

Like a dealer’s showroom, the selection you make, the story you tell on your trucks and the impression your installers make driving them tells a lot about where you’re headed. John’s son, Ken, now company president, took the bold "Yes" word approach, replacing an  attractive and traditional image of a home exterior on the side of the company’s fleet. Happily, this unconventional approach has been met with a resounding “Yes! We like that.”

I happen to have more than a casual interest in the marketing power of truck signage (“What Your Truck Says About You”) and I’m curious if you have truck update or new purchase plans this year. Please tell us by posting a comment and participating in this week’s poll.


Survey Results for 03/05/2014 :

Do you have truck update or new purchase plans this year?

Yes! I plan to purchase new trucks in the next 12 months.





Our trucks are in good condition and we don't need to replace or overhaul right now.





Yes! I'd like to do both but I'm holding off for now.





Yes! I plan to update my logo or message on the trucks.







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Great story on a great company. When I was in business truck graphics were very important and useful.