A Bit of a Black Friday?

Christina Lewellen
November 25, 2009
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Forget the Big Mac Index, or even the Starbucks Latte Index. This gal is more interested in my self-proclaimed Black Friday Index. I've made a tradition of sorts here at Window & Door by admitting openly that I'm a Black Friday fanatic. My mother and I have been planning the post-turkey shopping spree for months now. And even though I had to write a check for an unexpected car repair today, don't expect that'll stop me from sneaking out of my house at about 4 a.m. Friday.

Little old ladies with shopping carts in my way don't stop me. (Just kidding...sort of...)

So last year I had a bunch of fun with this Talk question. I come to it again not only to get some great stories about the bargains you anticipate getting (you'd better email me!), but also because—as is the case with any good economic index—we have a baseline from last year. In addition to wanting to hear your wee-hours-of-the-morn adventures, I want you to vote.

Perhaps our Black Friday Index will be trending upward this year. You all know by now that I'll be doing my part. Happy shopping. Be safe, keep your grandma out of my way (for her own safety, of course), and have a fabulous holiday.

This year, my holiday spending will be:
More than last year
About the same
Less than last year

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