Are Energy Tax Credits Working?

John G. Swanson
August 4, 2009
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The Cash for Clunkers program is in the headlines this week, as it's proven to be so successful among the consumers, the government has run our of money for it. Tax credits for energy efficient windows and doors haven't drawn the same attention, but we see in this week's Simonton headline that the $1,500 credit available to homeowners has had a positive impact on that company and its workers. 

"Starting in April we've seen steady growth, which hadn't happened for the last two years or so," reports Wayne Gorell, president of Gorell Windows & Doors, as well. "We called all our laid off employees back by early June, and have added about another dozen or so new hires. We see continuing improvement and positive attitudes from our dealers. We've also beefed up our sales force and our marketing efforts to get ready for the steady recovery. I think the tax credit has been a tremendous stimulus to our sector of the remodeling industry."

Last week, we ran a report in which one Simonton dealer attributed about 10 window jobs a month to the tax credits, out of about 45 jobs a month in total. Does that percentage ring true with you?  What kind of impact have energy efficient tax credits had with your business? That's our poll question of the week.  And, of course, I'd love to hear from you. There's plenty of debate on the Cash for Clunkers.  How about some debate on energy efficient window tax credits? Would you like to see the program extended? Or changed? Or discontinued?  Let me know what you think.

What percentage of your sales can be linked to energy efficiency tax credits?
More than 50 percent
25 to 50 percent
15 to 25 percent
5 to 15 percent
Less than 5 percent
They've had no impact.
They've hurt our sales.

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