Are You Ready for Lead?

Christina Lewellen
December 16, 2009
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Because we didn't have enough to keep us on our toes next year, the window and door industry has yet another challenge on its hands. A challenge, I'm expecting, that may catch more than a few companies off guard.

I'm talking about the lead paint handling rules slated to go into effect in April 2010 that would apply to all companies doing replacement projects in homes built before 1978. We report on the pending requirements this week, and while there's still a few details to be ironed out, there's little doubt that these new requirements will impact a significant chunk of the industry—and could add a significant chunk to homeowners' window and door replacement costs.

Tell me the truth: Are you prepared for these lead paint rules? Dealers, have you thought about the extra training this will entail? Manufacturers, what are you doing to support your supply chain partners? Please send me an email to share. Are you ready, or not?

Are you aware of/prepared for the new lead paint rules?
We're both aware and somewhat prepared.
We're aware, but not prepared.
We were neither aware, nor prepared.

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