Are You Safe?

Christina Lewellen
April 29, 2009

Lots of companies in this country got a warning letter from OSHA this week, nudging them to explore new ways to keep work-related injuries at bay. About 14,000 companies, including many in the window and door industry, received the notification that "workers in your establishment are being injured at a higher rate than in most other businesses in the country."

The letter goes on to acknowledge that some companies may struggle with implementing an effective workplace safety game plan and suggests turning to experts for help. "You may wish to consider hiring an outside safety and health consultant, talking with your insurance carrier, or contacting your state’s workers’ compensation agency for advice," the letter states.

How do you keep up with safety regulations, and how do you make sure your workplace safety plan is effective? There's probably no short answer, but please send me an email and give me the nutshell version. Did you receive the letter, and if you did, do you plan to make some internal changes?

To address worker safety issues, my company:
Has internal personnel dedicated to safety
Has a safety committee of various employees
Relies on outside consultants to keep us in line
Looks for trickle-down information, but no formal plan to execute

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