Are You Stimulated?

John G. Swanson
March 18, 2009
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Okay, we've been hearing lots from you about the new tax credits for energy efficient windows and doors. Last week, we asked for a straight up-and-down vote from readers on whether they approved of the new 30/30 standards or disapproved and thought they should be changed.

This week, I'd like to hear whether or not they're having the stimulative effect desired.  So our poll question again is fairly simple.  Whether you approve or disapprove of the numbers selected for qualification, are you seeing an increase in activity at your company?

We've been hearing from a number of manufacturers, dealers and even suppliers already, but I'd like to hear more.  If you've seen an uptick in calls or sales, email me and tell me about them.  If not, tell me that too.  And maybe share your own views on what kind of stimulus would work for your company. 

The new text credit:
Has increased the number of calls we're getting.
has already led to more sales
has had no impact.

If poll form doesn't work in your email, Click Here.

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